General Information

Modern companies rely much on IT services because their everyday operations depend on technologies and how relevant they are. They must balance between a sensitive profit margin and the rising expectations for data security, excellent customer service, and keeping up with software and technology.

AXCapital offers different types of IT services available to meet the various needs unique to each business. Not only do we help solve different technical issues, we are also engaged in reselling various IT services. Our team is here to ensure efficient IT operations and provide up-to-date services to make your business flourish.


Our services

There are one of our most demanded services. If you haven’t found the service you need, please contact us, and we will try our best to solve your issue.


Monitoring Services

A monitoring program does exactly what it says on the tin: it keeps an eye on servers, internet traffic, communication, security, and/or other things that a business could need. The range of duties covers everything from automatically updating software and antivirus to using SMART technologies to monitor the hardware's integrity.

Why you need us

Using IT services is essential to remain competitive, and you can easily be left behind without implementing them.

Consider contacting us if you have further issues:

  • your business frequently experiences malware incursions, attacks, and network interruptions;
  • projects frequently come to a halt due to a lack of resources and knowledge;
  • you lack the funds to purchase new hardware but need to rapidly increase your resources to meet the demands of additional employees;
  • your present customer assistance model is slow and unable to handle high-volume days and hours.

We can help with these and many other troubles your company may encounter along the way. Our team consists of professional software developers who apply complex approaches to find the most suitable solution.

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